The importance of having a blog for financial advisers

Are you wondering about the benefits of blogging for your financial adviser business? Here's what a blog can do for you.

date_range 03 November 2020

To blog or not to blog? If that is the question circling your mind, you’ve come to the right place. At FINERGY, we’re fans of digital marketing for financial advisers, and know how powerful a well-written article can be for your financial adviser business and your clients.

Read on to learn more about the key benefits of blogging, and how FINERGY can help you share your expertise in a cost and time-effective way.

From educating existing clients through to reaching new ones, a blog is a cost-effective marketing tool.

Like to make blog posts a part of your client communication strategy?

It’s about the knowledge transfer

Financial advice is a long-term relationship based on knowledge transfer. You’re the expert your clients turn to for guidance. When they have a financial goal in mind, you’re there for their questions, to discuss their needs and help them find solutions. And you’re there to inspire them.

This is where having an active blog on your website can be beneficial. Each blog article can help you arrange your own thoughts into valuable and concise information packs, providing handy nuggets of inspiration to pass onto your clients and prospects.

How FINERGY can help you: Using your own knowledge base, you can craft a considerable amount of content, touching on different topics and ‘pain points’. But as a busy professional, you know that sitting down and writing quality content on a consistent basis takes time – time that could be spent on client care and providing quality financial advice to more Kiwis.

At FINERGY, we specialise in helping financial advisers with their communication needs, including blog content. By outsourcing your content production to FINERGY, you can ensure that your blog articles, videos, short guides and more are timely, relevant and compliance-approved – freeing you up to spend more time where it matters, with your prospects and clients.

Reach potential customers

As we said, having a blog is an opportunity to put your voice and expertise out there, and establish yourself as an authority in your field. This can help reach potential customers in two ways:

  • By providing useful information to your target audience, quality blog posts can create a connection between your brand and prospects, showing them that you’re there to help.
  • By positioning your website as a relevant answer to prospects’ questions, a steady blogging routine can also help boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and drive more traffic to your website. And because blog posts remain in search engines for a long time after they are indexed, they can attract new customers well into the future.

How FINERGY can help you: Like to improve your online visibility and craft effective content that’s designed to inform, engage and earn clients’ trust? Our FINERGY team is in your corner. We have experienced writers and SEO experts at the ready for all your content needs.

Blogs are versatile

Blogs are versatile marketing tools and can house many forms of content, including quick financial-related tips, long-form guides, news pieces and client success stories. You can also use them to share vlogs, by turning written tips into quick two-minute videos.

How FINERGY can help you: Alongside standard blog posts, our FINERGY team can produce content in a variety of different forms and formats – from promo videos through to case studies and downloadable guides to use in your client comms. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Make blog posts a part of your client communication strategy

To maximise the reach of your blog posts, it’s a good idea to make blogging part of your overall client communication strategy. By sharing relevant articles on your social media profiles or including them in regular client and prospect eNewsletters, you can ensure that quality information is delivered to the people who need it, when they need it.

How FINERGY can help you: We specialise in 360-degree digital marketing for financial advisers, including social media and regular client/prospect eNewsletters. Our eNewsletters are designed to keep your audience informed and inspired with helpful tips to guide their financial journey. Get in touch to learn about our services in this space.

Time to take your client comms to the next level?

Creating quality blog content for New Zealand financial advisers is our thing. Like to learn more? Contact today to request your 24-hour guest login and explore our eNewsletter Content Library – there are hundreds of articles to choose from, covering all areas of financial advice and more.