Save time, be ‘timely’: Why automating your client-care communications makes sense

You're in your clients' corner for the long haul. So why not take the manual labour out of client-care communications? Here's how automated communications can help you save time and drive efficiency.

date_range 07 September 2020

You know this well – financial advice is not a one-off, ‘set and forget’ transaction. It’s so much more than just selling a ‘product’, because financial products evolve over time and so do your clients’ circumstances.

You’re in their corner for the long haul, and that’s the beauty, the opportunity and the challenge of quality financial advice: being there for your clients when it matters.

However, you don’t always have time to pick up the phone and call each of your clients, let alone print, sign and send out hundreds of letters reminding them about their annual reviews.

So what if you could save time, drive efficiency and complement your personal advice services? Introducing the power of Automated Client Care Communications…

Less time spent on admin means more time for advice.

Automated Communications: Working on your behalf in the background

You can use technology to take the manual labour out of client care communications, like your annual review reminders.

Once set up, Automated Communications send out emails to your clients based on agreed rules (for example, ‘Send the Annual Review Reminder 30 days before the Annual Review Date’). Not only that, but each type of communication can be supported by automated follow-up emails (and/or SMS) and notifications to you, in case your clients miss your first email or don’t book a meeting.

Plus, you can easily track send rates, open rates and clicks. With the new regime coming into force, Automated Communications can be an effective tool to evidence and track client-care communications.

The benefits for your advice business and your clients are numerous, including:

  • Supporting proactive contact with clients at key milestones
  • Reducing time spent on admin (which frees up time for advice)
  • Supporting compliance objectives and requirements.

Time to streamline your admin activities?

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in financial services communications, our team at FINERGY specialises in creating quality content and client communications for New Zealand financial advisers across the country. Since FINERGY launched in early 2017, we’ve been setting up hundreds of automated communications for a variety of requirements – including review reminders, new client welcome emails, and more.

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