Share the Love: Simple steps to 'systemise' your Social Proof

Client testimonials, Google ratings, client case studies... Read on for some basic steps you can take to generate a steady flow of social proof for your advice business.

date_range 30 September 2020

Social proof – it’s a term you may have seen in marketing blogs over the years. Basically, it refers to any evidence, from those who have used your services, that you provide a quality experience. It’s things like client testimonials, Google ratings, client case studies etc.

In the busyness of life and work, asking your clients to ‘share the love’ can easily fall by the wayside. But there are some basic steps you can add into your day-to-day to maximise your opportunities to generate a steady flow of social proof for your advice business. Read on for some quick ideas from the team at FINERGY, but first…

Why is it important?

Still wrapping your head around the power of social proof? Here are some interesting stats from Brightlocal and Nielsen, to help you see the bigger picture:

  • 90 per cent of consumers use the internet to find a local business in 2018, and 82 per cent of consumers read online reviews.
  • 70 percent of consumers trusted opinions posted online.
  • 76% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Positive reviews make 91% of consumers more likely to use a business.
  • Only 53% of people would consider using a business with less than 4 stars.

Now for some quick tips from the team at FINERGY:

Follow-up email after your meeting

When it comes to asking for a testimonial, good timing can make a big difference. For example, if you’ve had a successful client meeting, consider sending a follow-up email with a testimonial request. That’s when the value of your services is still fresh in mind and the relationship is at its warmest.

 Just keep a short paragraph ready and at hand to send when you feel the moment is right to request a testimonial. Something like the following:

Thanks for your time yesterday. It was great working with you and helping you with your financial goals. If you have a couple of minutes to spare today, we’d greatly appreciate it if you could provide some feedback about your experience with us.

Please click here to leave a Google Review or here to send us a testimonial. Once again, it has been a real pleasure working with you, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help you in any way.

Of course, make sure you substitute [financial goals] with the service type as relevant to your area of advice. Also, as an alternative to a Google Review, you can provide a link for your client to leave a testimonial on your Facebook page.

Did you know that positive reviews make 91% of consumers more likely to use a business?

Testimonial prompts don’t have to be digital. If you're having a great conversation with a client, why not ask them there and then?

Include links in your signature for selected emails as a gentle reminder to provide a testimonial

Include a direct link to your Google My Business listing or Facebook page in your signature. Keep in mind that not everyone has Facebook or a Google account, so it’s a good idea to offer multiple options, including an online feedback form.

Here is an example of testimonial/review options to include in your signature:

Kind regards,

John Smith
AFA Financial Adviser

How are we doing?
Leave a Google review | Leave a Facebook review | Fill in our feedback form
It only takes a minute, but it would mean a lot to us if you could spread the word!

Phone and face-to-face interaction

Testimonial prompts don’t have to be digital. If you’re having a great conversation with a client, either face-to-face or by phone, why not ask them to provide a testimonial there and then? You could also make a list of clients that you have helped recently, and contact them directly asking if they’d be willing to be featured in a testimonial.

Other forms of testimonials

Online reviews are the most simple and straightforward forms of testimonials your clients can provide. But there are also other ways for them to tell about their experience, including case studies and video testimonials.

By offering meaningful insights, a case study can be a powerful way for your clients to detail their experience with you, and how your services helped them solve an issue or achieve a goal.

Plus, short and sweet video testimonials (of one-minute maximum) can spark emotional appeal, tell a story and provide social proof, giving clients a great opportunity to advocate for your brand. You can include this content directly within your website or social media.

Don’t forget to thank clients for their time

Once you have received a great testimonial from a client – be it a Google review, Facebook review or any other forms of testimonials – make sure you send out a short thank-you email to acknowledge your appreciation. It helps build rapport and shows that you’re truly paying attention.

Also, make sure you ask your clients if they’re OK with you sharing their testimonial with others on your website and social media.

Need help?

Our team at FINERGY have been helping a great many New Zealand financial advisers nurture their existing client relationships with automated emails and client comms. Like to get authentic, powerful testimonials from your clients? Need help drafting a case study or edit a video testimonial? Get in touch to learn about our services in this space.