Social media and the real world

Building your social media presence is a marathon, not a sprint. Here are some steps you can take to fine-tune your voice.

date_range 03 November 2020

With 3.6 million social media users in New Zealand as of January 2020having a social media presence has become an important part of the marketing mix, no matter the industry.

For financial advisers, social media can be a great way to share their expertise, keep in touch with existing clients and attract new clients. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

There are 3.6 million social media users in New Zealand. (Source: Hootsuite, Digital 2020)

Tell your story and celebrate moments: Let your Facebook page communicate who you are.

Let people know about it

Are you having a great conversation with a client? Let them know they can follow your social media profile, and stay in the know with the latest tips and insights. Also, social media is the ultimate word-of-mouth tool – so why not ask them for a Facebook or Google review on the spot?

Positive reviews help build your reputation, which in turn can drive more business to your door. For more on this, read our article ‘Share the Love: Simple steps to 'systemise' your Social Proof’.

Celebrate moments

Have you attended a local event? Publish a photogallery on your Facebook business profile. Has a new member joined your team? Snap a photo and share it, along with a short bio. Is there a giveaway winner to announce? Ask them if they’d like to send a photo or video of them celebrating their win.

Celebrating moments can be a great way to instil your personality into your Facebook business profile and show you’re involved in the community.

Tell your story

Alongside tips and news-based updates, don’t forget to include a small number of posts about your business from a ‘personal’ angle. Talk about what it feels like to help people with their financial goals, and whatever else you might be passionate about. If you’re an insurance adviser, for example, you may share your own tips for personal wellbeing and fitness.

Also, showcase your office or post a photo of the happy place you like to spend your weekends at. This all helps boost engagement and build a personal connection to your business.

Step in front of the camera

Social media has made sharing videos pretty straightforward. You no longer need a fancy camera to achieve professional results; most mobile phones have built-in high-quality cameras to shoot videos and photos.

Depending on the complexity of your video, you may also need an online editing tool, and there are some free options out there you can try. But if your video is simple (for example, a quick two-minute announcement or a live video), a bit of planning, the right background and a good camera presence are all you need.

Click here to read our guide on how to Make it personal with video.

Tag other businesses (when relevant)

Are you partnering with other businesses or local associations? You can tag their business pages in a Facebook post: all you need to do is write a post, type the @ symbol and the business page’s name, and select the correct page from the dropdown list.

When you tag another business, depending on their profile settings, your post generally will generally show up on their business’s page as well, becoming visible to their followers and allowing you to expand your reach.

However, make sure you don’t tag them all the time, but only when it's relevant and appropriate (of course). For example, you may be participating in the same event or meeting, or you might be collaborating on something. Applying your offline etiquette to your online world is a good rule of thumb.

How FINERGY can help

Seeking support and advice on how to make the most of your social media presence? Contact FINERGY at Whether you’re looking to increase your social media posting activities, create all kinds of videos or generate content marketing campaigns for social media, we have the tools you need to get it done.