A complete, automated marketing and communications solution.

An automated marketing and communications solution. Like your clients, every adviser business has individual needs. Below is a summary of services we offer, but we like to start with what you might like to call our version of a Needs Analysis. In other words, before we get started, we’ll take the time to understand what your business needs – the pain-points and priority opportunities – and will recommend a programme that’s fit-for-purpose for your needs.

Automations allow ongoing, repetitive processes to be automated. Here’s a brief snapshot of just some of the Automations we offer.

  • Customer onboarding (including feedback survey) – designed to provide customers with regular communication and information after they ‘sign up’.
  • Review meeting reminders and scheduling – designed to ensure all relevant clients are offered an annual (or other required frequency) review meeting, either in person, over the phone or via Skype, etc.
  • Policy renewal reminders - designed to ensure your clients hear from you when each of their policies are due for renewal, and to offer them the opportunity to meet up or discuss with you. Important to ensure each client remembers they are dealing with you, not the provider!
  • Kiwisaver top up reminders - designed to ensure your Kiwisaver clients take full advantage of the maximum government contribution each year, including personalised information from their provider.
  • Sign up confirmations - to thank your customers for getting in touch via your website, facebook page or elsewhere, add them to your database/CRM and send them further useful info.
  • We can develop additional automations unique to your business if required (and subject to any additional charges).

We create and manage ongoing communication to your key audiences, including clients, prospect and referral partners. Great looking, compliant communications that focus on relevance and engagement, for example:

  • Client relationship content campaigns
  • Prospect nurturing content campaigns
  • Referral partner relationship reminders
  • Product cross-sell campaigns
  • Benefit-review campaigns
  • Provider-based campaigns

We use the 'beautifully simple' Calendly system for automated meeting bookings - your clients, prospects and referral partners can instantly book meetings with you, without the need for the constant to-and-fro of emails and phone calls:

  • Full set up, configuration and ongoing management
  • Creation and set up of unlimited different meeting types (phone meetings, face to face meetings, full financial reviews, policy reviews, etc.)
  • Integration with Office 365, Google Calendar and other internet calendar options

Ready to leverage Social Media for your advice business development? Or perhaps you’re already a Social Media guru and would like to increase your activity. We provide a range of Social Media services whether you’re new to the channel or have an established presence.

Facebook for Business:
Drive connection with your client and prospects

  • Profile creation and optimisation
  • Existing profile audit and optimisation
  • Content posting – text, image and video

Increase visibility with your referral partners

  • Profile creation and optimisation
  • Existing profile audit and optimisation
  • Content posting – text, image and video

One of the key advantages of digital marketing is the visibility it provides on how your audiences are engaging with your communications.

We provide ongoing monthly reports on automation performance and campaigns – a regular snapshot of engagement so that we can continually enhance your communications.

Ready to get underway?

We welcome you to book a Discovery Call – a 30 minute online or phone conversations during which we’ll take you through our version of a Needs Analysis to determine the key communication services appropriate your advice business requirements.