A marketing team with spades of financial advice experience.

A healthy dose of passion for what advice can bring to life. Here's a taste of what FINERGY brings to the table.

In a nutshell, we believe in quality financial advice. We’ve been working in financial services communications for eons, and know the value of good advisers and what they can help make happen for Kiwis. It’s good stuff, and we’d like to help more advisers do more of what they’re great at - helping New Zealanders make informed financial decisions.

The role we play in that bigger picture is simple: quality marketing and communications that: (1) support strong adviser-client relationships, and (2) create opportunities for more Kiwis to engage with quality financial advice. Like to find out more? We welcome you to meet the team or get in touch today.


The faces and names of FINERGY.

A few words from advisers

FINERGY provides a modern, relevant and engaging marketing and communication service to our organisation. They have a depth of knowledge in the financial services sector, which has allowed us to be key communicators to financial advisers, policy makers, regulators, stakeholders and the public.
Katrina Shanks | Financial Advice New Zealand
Our business is financial services and we need to maintain a very high degree of professionalism and integrity. The team at FINERGY have been nothing short of stellar in their execution of our client contact functions. They are able to pivot to individual requests in super quick time and are always available. They are extremely focused on our specific requirements and most importantly after three years of partnership we consider them to be an integral part of our business and an asset to our clients.
Kirk Hawkins, CII Group
I've been using FINERGY for the last four years and they have always been great to deal with and offer a really professional service. In this age of increasing regulation of Financial Advisers, they have been a key part of me being able to focus on my clients.
Callum Forbes | NZ Financial Planning
Great company to deal with and action all requests quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend them.
Shane Gadsdon | Discovery Financial Services
We have been using the services of the team at FINERGY for a few years now. They are always accommodating with our requests and the content available is relevant to our industry and provides a wide selection of topics useful to our clients.
Daryl Goodwin | NZOne Group
It's an amazing platform to connect with our clients on a daily bases. I would highly their services if you are looking to get a platform to be connected to your clients on a regular bases. Regards Swift Mortgages Family.
Izaz Hussein | Swift Mortgages
FINERGY have been great to work with for our business. They have helped us to automate processes, use technology in a smart way, and communicate with our clients on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them to others.
Kieran Sutherland | CIC Financial