Custom eNews & eMarketing



On-brand. On-message.

Looking for a marketing partner with an in-depth understanding of financial advice to bring your key messages to life?

Custom eNewsletters for advisers and Adviser Group programmes; targeted eMarketing campaigns; nurture sequences for prospects, and more. On-brand and on-message comms for your advice business.

For Advisers

Mapped out your marketing plan but can't find the time to get it moving? We can take the weight off. Talk to FINERGY about our custom eNews and eMarketing solutions, created to your brief and in your advice-voice.

From content creation, custom eNewsletters through to creative and management of social and digital campaigns, think of FINERGY as your outsourced marketing partner. An ideal solution for busy financial advisers with a defined marketing and message plan, but no time to make it happen.

For Adviser Groups

Looking for an efficient on-brand solution to support your advisers with quality comms? Talk to FINERGY about our Adviser Group solutions, including eNewsletter programmes, client-servicing communications, campaigns and more.

We start with a discovery session about the needs of your Group and your advisers, to build a purpose-fit programme of comms, supporting quality and consistency across your Group.


Custom Marketing Solutions

  • Custom eNewsletter - Adviser Businesses

    In a nutshell, a Custom eNewsletter is an eNewsletter we create from scratch for your advice business.

    First of all, we have a chat about: what you do and what you offer; your clients and what's important to them; the key messages you want to communicate; how you like to communicate (or to use marketing lingo - your tone of voice and personality), and more. 

    Then, we craft up a plan (the content structure, frequency etc), design a beautiful looking branded layout (all-gadget responsive of course), and get to work creating content purpose-fit for your advice business.

    We can handle the whole nine-yards from create to send and report, or selected elements (content and/or design for example). It's up to you.

    Like to find out more? Contact us for more information or book a complimentary scoping session for your custom eNewsletter plans.

  • Custom eNewsletter - Programmes for Adviser Groups

    Looking for an efficient on-brand solution to support your advisers with a regular communication to their clients? Drive retention, referral and relationship with a Group eNewsletter programme.

    We start with a discovery session about the needs of your Group and your advisers, to build a purpose-fit on-brand eNewsletter programme. We can manage the process from start to finish - content creation, layout and personalised distribution for all advisers - or selected aspects as required by your Group.

    Like to ensure your advisers are regularly in touch with clients, with communication aligned to your Group brand and key messages? Get in touch for more information or book a complimentary scoping session here.

  • Client Servicing Comms - Adviser Businesses

    Like to save time, drive efficiency and complement your personal advice services and contact processes? Say hello to the benefits of Automated Communications - for annual reviews, home loan health checks, fixed-rate expiries, risk profile checks, KiwiSaver contribution reminders - the list goes on.

    Here's how we can help.

    First up, it has to work for your business. There's no point in building complicated systems that just create headaches. So we start by assessing your specific requirements and the appropriate solution for your advice business. In a nutshell, it goes like this:

    1. Defining requirements for your business processes
    2. Assessing and recommending the appropriate platform
    3. Building automations and associated content
    4. Testing, tweaking, reviewing and enhancement

    Find out more here, or we welcome you to get in touch to book a complimentary scoping session.

  • Client Servicing Comms - Adviser Group Programmes

    Looking for a solution to ensure consistency and action on key advice communications across your Group?

    For Annual Reviews, policy renewal, KiwiSaver contribution reminders, fixed rate expiries, client onboarding and feedback and more. At FINERGY, we can help you design a programme of communications for the advice touch-points that are important to your Adviser Group, and of course, clients. 

    From designing what needs to go when and what to say, through to implementing communications using your current platform (or assisting with a new platform implementation), our primary goal is simple: deliver on-brand, consistent communications across the Adviser Group.

    Like to explore your options? Contact us to find out more, or book a complimentary scoping session.

  • Content and Collateral

    Share knowledge and reap the rewards. Financial advice is a knowledge-rich service with expertise and information that Kiwis want and need. Articles, SEO content, videos, eBooks and Guides, real-life client stories and more. We create quality, compliance-ready content for all types of advice and marketing needs.

    Whether you're looking for a partner to create regular articles for your website; a series of info videos; ongoing client success stories, or other, at FINERGY we bring an in-depth understanding of financial advice to every piece of custom content we create. 

    Like to explore your custom content needs and plans? Contact us for more information or book a complimentary Discovery Session.

  • Social & Campaigns

    Building awareness of your advice business? Looking for ways to connect with Kiwis with a specific advice-need? From always-on activity like social media content posting, to planning and implementing digital campaigns to showcase expertise and drive enquiry, our Social & Campaign solutions are informed by eons of experience in financial advice marketing. Here's a quick summary of how we can help:

    # Social Media Profile - Set Up
    # Social Media Profile - Audit and Refresh
    # Social Media Content Posting
    # Content Marketing Programmes
    # Targeted Digital Campaigns (GDN, Social etc)
    # Display Advertising
    # Native Content Advertising
    # Adwords (in partnership with RankPower)
    # More...

    Like to find out more? Get in touch with the team or book a complimentary scoping and ideas session here.




  • Referral Marketing

    Trusted referral - undoubtedly a key source of new business. Are you regularly reminding your referral partners about what you offer and how you can help? 

    Talk to FINERGY about our referral marketing services - simple solutions to support understanding of your service proposition, keep your advice business top-of-mind, and prompt referral.

    From regular referral partner eNewsletters to LinkedIn content posting, campaigns and more, contact us for more information, or book a complimentary discovery session here.

What advisers have to say

Our business is financial services and we need to maintain a very high degree of professionalism and integrity. The team at FINERGY have been nothing short of stellar in their execution of our client contact functions. They are able to pivot to individual requests in super quick time and are always available. They are extremely focused on our specific requirements and most importantly after three years of partnership we consider them to be an integral part of our business and an asset to our clients.
Kirk Hawkins, CII Group
FINERGY provides a modern, relevant and engaging marketing and communication service to our organisation. They have a depth of knowledge in the financial services sector, which has allowed us to be key communicators to financial advisers, policy makers, regulators, stakeholders and the public.
Katrina Shanks | Financial Advice New Zealand
FINERGY has really been a game-changer for us over the last four plus years. Regular client contact is vital, more so than ever with the introduction of tougher compliance regulations, but in the past was often pushed aside with more urgent tasks. Their easy-to-use platform, content selection dashboard for a regular newsletter, and automated processes for client communications such as annual review invitations or specific campaigns, along with keeping a record of all the above, have made this area of managing a life insurance and mortgage brokerage a breeze. I can't imagine how we did it without you, so thanks again to the whole team!
Jess Wallace
We have been using the services of the team at FINERGY for a few years now. They are always accommodating with our requests and the content available is relevant to our industry and provides a wide selection of topics useful to our clients.
Daryl Goodwin | NZOne Group
Great company to deal with and action all requests quickly and efficiently. Would highly recommend them.
Shane Gadsdon | Discovery Financial Services
I've been using FINERGY for the last four years and they have always been great to deal with and offer a really professional service. In this age of increasing regulation of Financial Advisers, they have been a key part of me being able to focus on my clients.
Callum Forbes | NZ Financial Planning
FINERGY have been great to work with for our business. They have helped us to automate processes, use technology in a smart way, and communicate with our clients on a regular basis. I would highly recommend them to others.
Kieran Sutherland | CIC Financial